June 04 2019

Sarah Federman & Jina Anne

Come hang out with us for this 13th edition of The Mixin, a San Francisco Sass & front-end meet up.

We’ll have great talks. Tweeting about this event? Use hashtag: #mixin062019

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For this event, we’re excited to have the following talks:

  • TBD” – Sarah Federman, Sr Frontend Developer, Design Systems at Atlassian
  • The State of Sass (community update) & The Mixin Co-OrganizerKaelig, Design Systems Developer at Shopify
  • Sass Website Update” & Emcee & The Mixin Founder & Lead Organizer – Jina Anne, Design Systems Advocate

Thanks Shopify

Massive thanks to Shopify who is hosting The Mixin!

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