May 16 2016

Lara Schenck, Kaelig Deloumeau-Prigent, & Anisha Giri

Come hang out with us for this 10th edition of The Mixin, a San Francisco Sass & front-end meet up.

We’ll have a great talks, and as always: food and drinks. Tweeting about this event? Use hashtag: #mixin10


For this event, we’re excited to have the following talks:

  • Why the Designer Failed Fizz Buzz, or How Can We Fix Job Titles?” by Lara Schenck
  • Design Tokens in Design Systems” by Sass Deprecate, Developer, Design Systems, Salesforce
  • Defeating Redesigns with Scalable Sass” by Anisha Giri, front end engineer, Bleacher Report

Event Team